How to Choose the Best Rated Two-Way Radio Case [Guide]

So you want to buy a case for your two way radio?
You've come to the right place. We have your guide to helping you choose the right two-way radio case. From styling options to the fit for your radio, we can help.
Waveband offers cases that fit mostly any radio model you may have. Our cases are made to take on the toughest of environments and are used by thousands of firefighters nationwide. The heavy duty cases are made from genuine top grain cowhide right here in the USA.
Below are some features to think of when selecting your radio case.

Grant Writing: What You Need to Know Before You Start


Writing a grant proposal can be time consuming and stressful. Writing an okay proposal and writing a great proposal can mean the difference between getting the funds or missing out. If this is your first time writing a proposal or you need to get better at writing them, your goal is to write in a manner that addresses a problem in your area and how those funds are going to help fix the problem.

The main components that go into a grant are

  • abstract
  • introduction
  • problem statement
  • future funding opportunities
  • goals/objectives
  • Evaluation of the..

14 Tips for Applying to Federal Grants

When applying to grants there are a lot of things to consider so you can get the most from your application. Below are some simple tips for grant writing and the application. By following these steps, you’ll be able to get the most from your grant proposal and stay on top of things.

  1. Check Eligibility
  2. Keep Mindful of Deadlines
  3. Stay Organized
  4. Be clear and concise
  5. Give correct information on your budget
  6. Make sure the proposal is written in a professional manner
  7. Explain yourself fully
  8. Think about your short term and long term goals
  9. Identify why you..

For Longest Life & Best Performance of your Two-Way Radio Battery

1. Charge the battery to full capacity.  14 hours at the standard C/10 rate (capacity X .10).  For “rapid” chargers, allow additional time (2-3 hours) for “topping off” the charge after it switches from “charging” to “complete”.

Relm KNG Accessories

Check out in stock RELM KNG accessories 

Motorola Battery & Accessory Date Code

Wondering if your Motorola Battery is still under warranty? Use the Motorola Battery & Accessory Date Code guide below

OEM Quality for a Fraction of the Cost

 Waveband Communications guarantees the lowest price on any comparable quality Motorola radio accessories. Prior to purchase, send us an official quote for products of similar or higher quality from any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Waveband Communications will match the quoted price. No hassle price matching process!

Choose from 1000+ GSA-Approved Communications Products

Waveband Communications offers a wide variety of GSA-approved critical communications products. It's easy to do business with us, so why shop anywhere else? When reliability counts, choose Waveband Communications. Contract #GS35F228BA

Primary Non-Rechargeable Batteries

Primary batteries (non-rechargeable) fill a critical need for many situations when reliable power is needed quickly or charging is not practical. Include primary batteries by Waveband Communications in your readiness plan.

Kenwood Flier

Waveband Communications is now stocking Elite Series Radio Accessories for Kenwood Radios

The Elite Series Accessories are designed for the high demands required by our countries public safety organizations.

All orders can be shipped within 24 hours

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