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Waveband Communications Inc. Awarded Contract to Support the 4th Cavalry Brigade

Waveband Communications to provide durable two-way radio accessories to improve communication within the 4th Cavalry Brigade.

Headsets for Racing Teams, Pit Crews, and NASCAR

NASCAR is the 2nd most-watched sport in America bringing in about 2.5 million viewers. There are about 35 full-time professional skilled drivers....

How to Choose the Best Rated Two-Way Radio Case [Guide]

Two-way radios are a big investment so protecting them during activities and different environments is important. Holsters and cases for your two-way...

How to Install a Magnetic Antenna Mount

Magnetic mounts for antennas have a strong magnet that holds your antenna on a surface, mostly used on cars, trucks, and SUVs. With magnetic mounts,...

Motorola TLK100 Two-Way Radio Review

Motorola unveiled a new Wave two-way radio, the TLK100. This radio helps provide businesses with instant push-to-talk communications on an LTE...

5 Two-Way Radio Accessories to Watch For in 2021

The new year brings new popular products to watch for. Each year new technologies and improvements are being made to change the two-way radio...

Best Hearing Protection Headset Guide for 2021

Over the years, hearing protection technology in the form of tactical headsets, in-ear electronic hearing protection, and earplugs like those from...

5 Benefits of Two-Way Radios for Education

Think of all the individuals who are involved in schools. There are students, teachers, professors, staff, administration, janitors, food service,...

Making the Right Choice When It Comes to Government Purchases

When you’re a government employee or when your business’s expense depends on the budget allocated to you by the government, it can be difficult to...

How Intrinsically Safe Products Improve Firefighter Safety

According to, in 2018, there were 58,250 firefighters injured in fires in the United States. Ensuring proper safety requirements is...
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