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Government Services Administration Approval Process

What is a GSA-Approved Vendor? GSA approval is a status awarded to organizations which have been approved to sell to the United States Government...

Two-Way Radio Charger Compatibility [Guide]

How to Use This Guide Not sure which one of our chargers will be compatible with your two-way radio? No problem.  Follow the steps below to figure...

Grant Writing: What You Need to Know Before You Start

  Writing a grant proposal can be time consuming and stressful. Writing an okay proposal and writing a great proposal can mean the difference between...

14 Tips for Applying to Federal Grants

When applying to grants there are a lot of things to consider so you can get the most from your application. Below are some simple tips for grant...

4 Tips for Charging and Extending Radio Battery Life

1. Charge the battery to full capacity.  14 hours at the standard C/10 rate (capacity X .10).  For “rapid” chargers, allow additional time (2-3...

Relm KNG Accessories

Check out in stock RELM KNG accessories 

Motorola Battery & Accessory Date Code

Using multiple Motorola batteries and audio accessories, forgetting when you should replace your battery is bound to happen. Batteries age with time...

Primary Non-Rechargeable Batteries

Primary batteries (non-rechargeable) fill a critical need for many situations when reliable power is needed quickly or charging is not practical....

Kenwood Flier

Waveband Communications is now stocking Elite Series Radio Accessories for Kenwood Radios The Elite Series Accessories are designed for the high...

Comparing Portable Two-Way Radio Batteries

Comparison of nickel cadium, nickel metal hydrid, lithium Ion and lithium polymer batteries.
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