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Review of Two-Way Radio Surveillance Kits [Video]

We offer a wide variety of surveillance kit options. Our products have been selected several times and we have received numerous contract awards for...

Ingress Protection Remote Speaker Microphone

What are “IP Ratings”? “IP” stands for Ingress Protection. The numbers determine how well a product is resistant to solid objects, and liquids. The...

How Long Will a Lithium Polymer Battery Last? [Video]

During emergency situations your two way radio is your lifeline. Our batteries have earned an industry leading reputation for performance, and...

Protect and Serve: Law Enforcement Communications

Law Enforcement communications is one of the most important elements of protecting the public, fellow officers, and yourself.

Under the Radar: Private 2-Way Radio Communications

Members of different governmental agencies require encrypted two-way radio communications to ensure classified operations are kept confidential. The...

2-Way Radio Accessories & Protecting the Public

As a police officer, firefighter, EMT personnel, or paramedic, your duty is to actively protect your community in the most effective way possible....

What Two Way Radio Accessories Are Used In Casinos?

Most casinos across the United States rely on two-way radios to communicate across departments and personnel. While most casinos are relatively safe,...
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