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How Intrinsically Safe Products Improve Firefighter Safety

According to, in 2018, there were 58,250 firefighters injured in fires in the United States. Ensuring proper safety requirements is...

Motorola Battery & Accessory Date Code

Using multiple Motorola batteries and audio accessories, forgetting when you should replace your battery is bound to happen. Batteries age with time...

Primary Non-Rechargeable Batteries

Primary batteries (non-rechargeable) fill a critical need for many situations when reliable power is needed quickly or charging is not practical....

Tips for Two Way Radio Battery Care

Battery care and tips for Motorola, Harris, & Kenwood two way radio batteries. By following these suggested tips you can help protect your...

Conditioning Charger Analyzer for Two-Way Radio Batteries Review [Video]

Our 2-way radio battery conditioning chargers use specialized microprocessors and algorithms to read the chemistry of the individual Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh or...

How Long Will a Lithium Polymer Battery Last? [Video]

During emergency situations your two way radio is your lifeline. Our batteries have earned an industry leading reputation for performance, and...
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