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Remote Speaker Microphone vs Surveillance Kit

Taylor Thomas Jul 19, 2019

There is a wide variety of industries that use both a remote speaker microphone or a surveillance kit to communicate across departments. Both have very distinct features that deter people from using one over the other. Depending on what you plan on using each communication accessory for, will help you determine which device is right for you and your job.

Remote Speaker Microphonespeaker microphone

Speaker microphones are widely used across all industries around the country. These are popular because they are hands-free and do not interfere with everyday work. The mics have a push-to-talk (PTT) feature on the side that allows you to speak into the mic directly to the receiving end. There is no need to pick up the radio. The mics come with an audio jack capability. Keep in mind what millimeter jack you are purchasing because the mics vary between each audio jack input.

Who uses a remote speaker mic?

Remote speaker mics are often used by police officers, firefighters, public safety officials, and staff during attendance high events like concerts and football games. People in crowds or near by are able to hear the receiving ends conversation which is why some people prefer a surveillance kit.

What is the correct placement of a mic?

Wearing a speaker microphone is quite simple because it clips onto a uniform and rests on the person's shoulder. The end of the mic has a connector that attaches to the radio. The mic sits close the mouth and ear so you are able to hear and speak with minimal movement and you don’t need to pick up the radio.

What makes Waveband a preferred option for speaker microphones?

Speaker microphones are designed to withstand the most rugged and tough environments. The microphones are equipped with Kevlar-reinforced cable. This means it is heat resistant and has a strong synthetic fiber inside the cable making it durable and resistant to breaking. 

Waveband Communication speaker microphones,

  • Are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified factories to ensure the highest level of quality. 
  • Bluetooth versions are made available for specific radio models
  • Made with durable strain relief material
  • IP67 waterproof rating

What does a waterproof rating mean in remote speaker mics?

Remote speaker mics go by a rating called an IP which stands for Ingress Protection. This number determines how resistant a mic is to a solid object and liquid. The IP rating contains 2 numbers that represent a degree of protection. The first digit relates to solid ingress and the second digit relates to fluid ingress. For more information on the IP ratings of speaker microphones, click here.

What is the warranty for the Waveband speaker mics?

Waveband has a 3 year warranty on the speaker microphones. We ask that you fill out a RMA form that is located on our home page and email this to

Waveband Communications was founded in April, 2002 to custom engineer and deliver products that better service two-way radio accessory needs. We're proud of our products, services, warranties, performance and reputation. Here are product and performance comments from customers who actually use and purchase Waveband Communications Two-Way Radio Accessories.

"Very nice mic. Great audio quality. Mic stood up in all types of weather rain, heat, cold etc."

-Heavy Duty Remote Speaker Microphone for M/A Com


"The Waveband WX-8012-M-P03 was the exact microphone we were looking for and at a price less than the original Speaker Microphone. We have been using the WX-8012 for over five years and they are very reliable and durable. The Hi/Lo volume button and the back spring clip are rugged under constant and repeated use. The internal speaker and microphone provide clear audio with no distortion."

- George M. on the RMN5088 Super Heavy Duty Speaker Microphone for Motorola XTS


"I work as Train Operator in the SF Bay area and we experience all the seasons, this mic has performed well through rain, heat, cold and being dropped many times."

- Harris P5300 Radio Speaker Microphone


Watch this video on Public Safety Grade Mics brought to you by Waveband Communications



Surveillance KitsWV1-15023x Surveillance Kit

The popularity of a surveillance kit is often for users who need to have quiet secret conversations. It has an adapter that plugs into the two-way radio, a PTT microphone and a clear tube with an ear tip that rests inside your ear. 

How durable are Waveband surveillance kits?

Surveillance kits are highly durable. The wiring is from a very durable Kevlar reinforced cable that prevents the wires from separating or fraying. Our surveillance kits have a premium Knowles microphone for advanced acoustic sounds. The one thing you do have to keep an eye out for is ear wax build-up. This build-up could disrupt the ability to hear the communication so proper maintenance and care should be taken upon using. Another issue with the surveillance kits is moisture build up in the tubes. This can also disrupt hearing so again, proper maintenance and care is key. Replacements disconnect tubes are available for purchase.  

Who uses a surveillance kit?

Many people use surveillance kits everyday for discrete conversations. They are typically used by members of the United States secret service, crowd control specialists, museum staff, police officers on special tasks, casinos and night clubs. 

What kinds of surveillance kits are there?

There are four main types of surveillance kits. They are listed below.

  1. One Wire 
  2. Two Wire
  3. Three Wire
  4. Quick Release Adapter: Allows you to easily attach and detach accessories from the radio. Since the surveillance kits are usually hidden underneath uniforms, with the quick release adapter, you wont need to take off clothing to remove the kit.

What is the warranty for the surveillance kits?

Waveband has a 3 year warranty on kits. We ask that you fill out a RMA form that is located on our home page and email this to

Waveband Communications was founded in April, 2002 to custom engineer and deliver products that better service two-way radio accessory needs. We're proud of our products, services, warranties, performance and reputation. Here are product and performance comments from customers who actually use and purchase Waveband Communications Two-Way Radio Accessories.

"I received the product in a reasonable amount of time. I bought the microphone kit with the kit disconnect for the radio. It performed as expected."

- 1 Wire Surveillance Kit with 6 pin hirose quick disconnect connector.


"The product was exactly what I expected and works flawlessly! Very good customer service and delivery as promised! Received a call from Joe asking if I had received my product and if I was satisfied! Awesome service!"

- 2 wire surveillance kit for Harris M/A-Com


"I tested several products by waveband and this one by far was my staffs favorite. The sound was crisp and with a single wire did not get all tangled like the 2 wire ones they have. It is put together well and they like the earpiece. Will definitely be purchasing more of these."
- Motorola XPR/APX TRBO Radio Surveillance Kit




Whether you choose to go with a discrete surveillance kit or a powerful remote speaker microphone, know you will be getting the best deal. Both accessories have great features and characteristics like the Kevlar reinforced cables and the Knowles microphones.

Coming down to deciding which is right for you, look at your communication needs. Do you need to hear conversations quietly and discretely? (surveillance kit) Or do you need an accessory that can stand against in any environment? (speaker microphone). 

Either way Waveband Communications has your communication needs covered. We offer speaker mics and surveillance kits that are compatible with most radios models like Motorola, Kenwood, Harris and more.

Have a question on our full line of accessories? Give our knowledgeable staff a call at 800-806-1076.

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